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About our Practioner

Located at 222 St. John Street Suite 105 Portland, Maine
I have been a long time believer in massage for relaxation and overall well being. My interest peaked and grew into the passion to follow this career path a few years ago following a torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder that the surgeon believed could be repaired with routine surgery, followed by physical therapy and rehabilitation. Post surgery the surgeon informed me that the tear was much worse than the MRI had indicated and that I would probably only regain 75-80% of my range of motion back. Clearly, that was not the prognosis I was looking for. I did the physical therapy and rehabilitation and got just the results that my surgeon had predicted. I was not happy to say the least so I sought out the services of a massage therapist to address the range of motion issues I had. Through regular sessions with my massage therapist I am happy to report that I have regained most of the range of motion back in my shoulder. This experience left me in awe of the power that this individual had and their ability to significantly improve people’s lives in a very profound way. It is this experience that was the catalyst to create Integrity Bodyworks. While I have had a very successful career in the retail arena, it falls short of the feeling of accomplishment that I have when a client gets off my table and is amazed at how much better they feel.I am a graduate from the Therapeutic Massage Program at Spa Tech Institute in Westbrook Maine. I am well versed in techniques such as myofascial release, positional release, trigger point, and neuromuscualr therapies to mention just a few. My sessions are goal oriented and client centered to help you reach your health and relaxation goals. Please feel free to contact me and discuss how I can assist you. -Michael Snell, LMT